Brand Experience Management

Brand Experience Is the Future of Marketing

In marketing 4.0 era, customer journey has changed. Internet & mobile devices gave consumers the power to immediately consult and seek information anytime & anywhere. New consumers are more engaged, willing to proactively understand a brand's purpose. In a world of information overload, only through frequent and continuous understanding of their experiences, you can be sensitive enough to get your marketing right.

Brand experience management will drive both short & long term sales.

When customers experience your brand in a memorable way, they’re more likely to tell their friends and colleagues about it. This is free advertisement or more credible referrals that will attract new customers.

Higher perceived value will boost short term sales & long term brand equity that enables you to command higher premium for your products/services.

Brands are no longer in control like the past

Once upon a time, there were brands and there were consumers, and their relationship was clear. Brands told stories (e.g. advertising) and consumers would evaluate their purchases based on a advertising messages. When the internet was born, a huge power shift took place to empower consumers. Brands were no longer the only ones telling stories.

Today, we source opinions on brands from friends, social media, blog posts, and review sites. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for businesses if they know how to manage; but it does require a new way of thinking and operating. That’s where brand experience management comes in.

Create meaningful brand engagement across the customer journey

Solicit brand feedback across the customer journey. Get predictive, actionable results that marketers and all teams will use to make brand decisions with confidence.

Maximize the power of your advertising and positioning

Get clear guidance on how to message your brand and offerings across all media and channels - online, offline, and omnichannel.

Understand the value of your brand

Quantify brand value, by customer segments. Learn how your brand will convey to a new product or category. Determine which brands to carry and which brands can be eliminated.

Why is brand experience important?

Brand experience is an instrument that can put your audience and your brand together, thereby giving a good opportunity to have a real conversation. You won't get this type of opportunity in other ways because you are dealing and engaging with actual people instead of O data only.

It works both ways; it is beneficial for both the brand as well as consumers because both entities can know each other better. This way, a brand can deliver per the expectations of the consumers while the consumers can understand a bit more about the brand to inch more toward mutual trust.

1. Creates empathy

Audiences don’t always know what exactly they want or need. The sad part is many businesses only think about the datasets they have instead of thinking about the people behind those datasets.

Brand experience builds a stronger connection between your brand and targeted audience through empathy so that you can have a true and real conversation to know your customers and align your business and marketing methods as per their needs.

2. Better engagement

Audiences yearn for a more relevant connection with a brand. Brand experience management is about engaging better with your audience by understanding their senses to create new moments that engage each one.

3. Wider reach

A brand is represented by more than just its website, logo, and other visual aspects. Brand experience humanizes your brand before your customers so that they understand there is always a "person" working for them. Ultimately, the reach goes beyond the horizon to reach more people, inclining them towards your brand.

4. Building trust

Trust is one of the major reasons customers would want to buy products and services. There are so many competitions out there. You cannot just rely on traditional marketing methods. Brand experience is the method where you can build trust with your audience through interacting with them directly. As a result, they feel emotionally attached to your brand and even recommend others to consider your brand.

5. Inspiration

It is not always that marketers can only spread brand awareness by telling the story of the brand. The new-age marketing involves motivating and inspiring customers towards your brand. You can use different contents, tone & manners, creatives so on to participate in your Brand experience to derive inspiration to your customers.

6. Real-time feedback

One of the most amazing things about the method of brand experience is that you get the opportunity to interact with your audience in real-time. As a result, you can get feedback instantly. If you compare it with traditional marketing strategies, it usually takes months to collect data and then the process of analyzing that data comes up to finally extract the information out of it.

On the other hand, consumers like it as they can directly tell their issues and concerns to the brands so that they can improve it.

7. Design-driven results

Brand experience is a great way to align design thinking with a brand strategy which is not offered by other marketing channels. It combines elements like empathy, inspirational diversity, multisensory engagement, and faster feedback. As a result, the results can be overwhelming and can yield desired results for your business.


We have solutions to help you receive direct feedback from your target audience and make impactful decisions. With pre-populated and conversational templates, anyone can get started quick.

Brand awareness & image

Measuring consumers' awareness, familiarity, likability, etc. of your brand and competitors with details like perception of brand images. This module is suitable for department or agency that deal more with brand content & image building.

Brand funnel

Measuring the journey of customers interact with brands i.e. conversion at each stage (awareness, usage, purchase intention and recommendation). Usually is used more in business performance KPI evaluation.

Brand Health Tracking

This combines brand funnel and brand image modules. It provides a comprehensive view of your brand status and often used for brand strategy thinking.

Ad Pre-testing (Single Ad)

Purpose is to identify strengths and weaknesses of an ad to ensure chances of success through indicators like brand memorability, likability, ease of understanding, potential after action influence, etc.

Ad Pre-testing (Multiple Ads comparison)

Core purpose is to select the most popular ad amongst a few options. The design for not meant for deep diagnostic of each ad.

Campaign Incremental reach (Turf)

often used in media analysis of campaign to understand which channel reach more and which channel reach less in incremental manner.

Campaign Evaluation to C (Poster)

This is the classic post uplift measurement between test and control sample of important KPI. Specifically for poster format, we will identify eye-catching elements for improvement reference.

Campaign Evaluation to C (Video)

This is the classic post uplift measurement between test and control sample of important KPI. Specifically for video format, we will identify memorable story parts in video via screen shots.

Campaign Evaluation to B (Poster)

This is a direct opinion measurements of to-B related KPI like ad's confidence & usefulness for work, etc. Specifically for poster format, we will identify eye-catching elements for improvement reference.

Campaign Evaluation to B (Video)

This is a direct opinion measurements of to-B related KPI like ad's confidence & usefulness for work, etc. Specifically for video format, we will identify memorable story parts in video via screen shots.

BX helps you in 4 steps


It is not enough just to listen. We facilitate you to ask, understand, clarify, & explore with customers to improve their experiences & perception with your brand.


We empower everyone to uncover insights like professionals with automation of data processing, easy cross analysis & statistic modeling.


Media is fragmented; customers dislike advertising more & more. A successful brand need to communicate directly with customers in a more personalize way. We empower you to do this with X-data + O-data combined insight.


Successful brand lead. You can't lead well if you do not understand how they feel and what are their concerns. Only through many insightful interactions & right actions, you are in control to lead.

Choiceform BX unique advantages

Multiple data visualize in one dashboard, enable comprehensive brand monitor and management

Through SaaS BI dashboard, we combined multiple data sources (experience data, behavior data,big data, etc.) to empower businesses to comprehensively monitor brand health and take informed brand management actions.

Efficient way to achieve insights

One stop platform with automation of data collection, analysis, real time reporting functions. Assisting you in the entire process in a quick & easy manner.

We embedded brand & communication experience & knowledge into our modules. Just simple click & drag, anyone can do professional & complex insight work.

Identify problem immediately & alert for action in real time.

When brand measures reach a certain specified levels, immediate alert will be activated to the right department for the necessary right solutions.

Significantly more cost effective vs. traditional survey practices.

Significantly lower cost means ability to do much bigger & robust sample; covering more brands & competitors for comparative insight; eventually have advantage to dig deeper, learn better insights that traditional way.

What is brand experience ?

Brand experience is subjective and changes from person to person because each individual has different experiences and associations that are evoked by the brand.

Brand experience can be strengthen or expanded in a the product development process e.g. when a new product is introduced to the product mix.

From all forms of marketing materials to customer satisfaction, all of these touch points are moments where the consumer can deeply experience the brand.

What is the difference between brand experience & customer experience ?

Brand experience and customer experience both inherently focus on one thing: the customer. The brand experience caters to the consumer, even before they become a customer, while, the customer experience helps to guide a customer throughout a transaction or an interaction from within the brand.

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