Empower teams to quickly act on feedback

Don’t just listen, drive action across your teams to improve the customer experience.

Manage flow of data via a connecting platform

This platform organizes different datasets and connecting them via API. It empowers Experience Manager to segment data, prioritize, take actions to turn passive data active for optimum usage value.

Are Your Decisions Based On Instinct?

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Automate tasks for critical feedback


Create custom notifications for your team to act on feedback based on customer attributes, sentiment, and more.


Set up workflows and alerts based on role, so the right individuals in the organization can quickly take action.


Quickly notify product, web, or other teams about issues in real time.

Precision Marketing at individual customer level

Traditionally CRM only has behavior records to build tags. As the result, marketing precision is ineffective with irrelevant marketing communication. When we are able to capture attitude level insight by individual customer, we change the game drastically because we know how they feel and what they want.

Manage experience breakdowns as they happen

Automated Actions watches survey results for you, assigns issues and appropriate actions to the correct department or individual, and allows you to report on the company’s case load and ROI – so you can turn an unhappy customer into a happy one and track the costs of doing.

Take Action Efficiently

To help your customer teams identify at-risk customers and resolve cases quickly, Automated Actions provides a wide range of filters, powerful search capabilities, action-oriented workflows, and streamlined permissions. Additionally, Action Management lets you customize your Action Management notifications to your requirements. As a result, you can ensure your survey results are more than just measurements – with them, your customer teams can take efficient, positive action.

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