Professional survey can be simple

Choiceform transform the survey functionality, process, and analytics. What used to take researchers weeks and months of work are now automated. The new experience is like ipad, just drag-and-drop interface is so easy to use.

Simply drag-and-drop to complete the most complex survey design

Our features are advance with custom variables, control, branching, quotas control, API connection to build your project. Usage experience is intuitive with drag-and-drop interface that makes even the most sophisticated surveys easy to create, launch and analyze.

Appealing visual & modern looking survey

Your brand can reach users or potential users in any channels with custom built themes by choosing own colors, fonts and background images. Every survey you send is your very own masterpiece.

Powerful survey with smart logic design

Delivers professionally designed survey that previously can only achieve via outsourcing.

Are Your Decisions Based On Instinct?

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Choiceform Core is the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, professional survey solution.

Branching with advance capability

Sophisticated branching, skiping, display control, lets you decide which questions are seen by your respondents based on their answers earlier. You can also skip irrelevant questions, ask different ones, or even end the survey earlier.

Piping capability

Experience a personalized survey. The piping feature enable you to transfer answer from a previous question into your current question. This experience is close to a real-life conversation, more user friendly, and response rate will be higher.

Custom Variables

This allows you to include information about a respondent in the survey without making the respondent answer those questions. In other words, it helps to avoid asking unecessary questions.


Create mathematical formula using expressions and perform computations in your survey. You can display the results to respondents on the ending page by giving back interesting value.

Web Services

Sometimes you may need to include more complex features only available through outside Web. Our platform can make requests to a designated URL.

Multiple Languages

Your customers may prefer other languages. The text on survey buttons, instructions, and opening and closing messages can be presented in Chinese, English, Jananese or over twenty other languages.

Multiple Users

Set up & scale with multiple users for an account. Survey visibility & accessibility can be managed using folders & teams. Even if the account-handler is no longer present with you, all the info and data remain intact.

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