Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Choiceform

Shanghai Choiceform Network Technology co., LTD wants to create a company that encourages a diverse set of ideas and opinions. Building a diverse, equitable workforce is a responsibility we take seriously. We know achieving this requires an ongoing and consistent effort. But we’re ready and committed to make it happen.

Our Leadership Team

We are proud to have some of the most experienced executives in business and technology on our side.

Wester Xi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Choiceform. Has over 15+ years of experience in enterprise software. Wester is a serial entrepreneur, before creating Choiceform, founded the digital experience startup Cloudscape, drive the company's stellar growth from 2006-2014.

Albert Sim

Chief Product Officer

30+ years of consumer insight experience in China & Malaysia. Formerly in TNS, MillwardBrown, & Miaozhen. Innovated a new framework of combining big & small data and currently teaching in Hong Kong University & Beijing Normal University.

Ronan Cai

Chief Solution Officer

20+ years of experience in XM,consulting and consumer insight. Also VP of China Marketing Research Association, ex-P&G, Amway, Infinitus, MillwardBrown, focusing in marketing, XM, strategy, business model & innovation.

Elson Wang


20+ years of experience in digital media and customer experience management (CEM) & co-founded Choiceform in 2015. Clients highly recognized his knowledge in XM principles & practical applications know-how.

Michael Zhang

Chief Client Officer

20+ years in automotive industry in China & Overseas. In senior management role for OEM and international consulting. Core expertise is business development for both To-B and To-C. Formerly a VP in J.D. Power China.

Bolei Ding

Head of Client Success

Over 16 years market research experience in both Fortune 500 company side and leading agent side. He is proficient in applying big data in quantitative research techniques. Meanwhile, thanks to his diverse career experience, he is sharp to capture the insights and translate into business actions.

Gordon Cao

Senior DP Director

16+ years experience in data analytics & processing (DP) and management. Formerly in Synovate, IPSOS and Kantar. Set up TNS China DP Center to provide programming, DP and modeling for 30+ research agencies.