Enhance organizations with data insights

Empowering your developers to focus on product by leveraging our world class dashboards to effectively understand insights.

Smarter & faster data analysis

Build drag-and-drop dashboards to deliver real-time data and visualizations. You can build fully branded dashboards with data and visualizations including cross-data analysis, trends and correlations, key driver analysis, and predictive analytics.

Are Your Decisions Based On Instinct?

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No more data silos

Choiceform’s data reporting is extremely flexible and can be customized, analyzed, and visualized in virtually any way you want to provide real-time insights regardless of the channels. Whether the data are from structured surveys or unstructured text verbatims, all data are delivered to a central reporting system, eliminating data silos.

You can also integrate data from other business systems, such as your financial system, ERP, or CRM. Connect your data with your business KPIs, and help you to prioritize business actions.

Share results immediately

No waiting time for your results to come in – just set your dashboard with a few clicks and your charts will auto-update when new survey data come in. Share them with colleagues across your organization in one click and give them instant access to the latest data trends.

Mobile Data Reporting

Updates anytime & anywhere.

Mobile reporting delivers the right information to the correct people promptly without lengthy, unclear reports. Meaningful reports can be delivered to any mobile devices, allowing users to access only the level of relevant details. They can act quickly when they are on-the-move.

Variety of data visualizations

A great survey report uses tools like graphs, word clouds, and charts to visualize response data for business users. Formatting your survey report and getting it into the right hands, in the right format, will help ensure the success of your research projects.

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