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Boost employee engagement and productivity

Ultimately employee is your key differentiator and it can make or break an organization. Happy employees do make happy customers. Gaining their commitment and unleashing their productivity should be your primary focus.

Create a better experience, With the voice of your employees.

People join a company because they believe in its mission and its offerings. They stay because they feel valued, heard, and a part of the process. Excite and motivate your workforce by engaging them in creating your offerings, both internal and external whatever their role.

With Choiceform, you can really know your employees what they value, how they perceive your company and its offerings, and why they would or would not recommend you to peers.

Why is employee experience important?

Designing a powerful employee experience isn’t simply a box to check for the HR team – it can also have a significant impact on many aspects of an organization. Company leaders recognize this influence, which is why nearly 80 percent of executives rate employee experience as very important or important.


Employee engagement is the measure of the relationship between employees and an organization. Most companies measure and aim to improve their employee engagement since it’s highly correlated with turnover and with how much effort their people are likely to put into their work.


Today, the majority of job seekers look for information about a company on job search websites. The rise in company review sites indicates the desire of employees to understand what their experience will be like at an organization. This is why having a strong employee experience is critical. Without one, your negative reviews may chase away potential talent for your organization.


We’re increasingly seeing people make decisions about leaving companies early in their tenure. A proper introduction into an organization, through processes like onboarding, can make a huge difference with regard to an employee’s desire to stay, their productivity, and their perception of the company culture.

Bottom line

Finally, a strong employee experience can make a huge difference in your organization’s bottom line. An analysis of over 250 global organizations found companies that scored highest on employee experience benchmarks have four times higher average profits, two times higher average revenues, and 40 percent lower turnover compared to those that didn’t. This demonstrates that an investment in employee experience does pay off.

Invest in your people to drive business success

Empower your teams and fuel positive change with employee engagement, performance, and development tools – all in one intuitive platform.

Key milestones in the employee experience

1. Attraction / Recruitment

This stage is critical because it’s the first chance you have to introduce your company culture and establish trust with a potential hire. The candidate experience is also the perfect opportunity to ensure people become advocates for your organization – regardless of whether they join your organization or not. Getting feedback at this stage is a great opportunity to improve both the process and experience of applying to work at your organization.

2. Onboarding

The onboarding program, which is meant to get new hires up and running smoothly, is critical because it can have a significant impact on an employee’s tenure. It starts when a new hire accepts your offer and continues through a new employee’s first weeks, months, and even their first year on the job. Getting feedback at this stage not only helps improve your onboarding process but also identifies any gaps or inconsistencies in knowledge and training.

3. Engage

Employee engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organisation to give of their best each day, committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being. It’s demonstrated by how employees think, feel, and act, as well as the emotional connection employees feel towards their employer. This kind of reviews typically conducted annually and are particularly useful at the retention stage of the employee lifecycle, as they indicate how involved and engaged established employees feel in their work.

4. Develop

Employee development is an important and continously ongoing stage in the employee journey, with individuals developing at different rates across a variety of skills. As employees develop within their roles, you need to quantify their productivity, ability to be a team player, and promotion aspirations. You also want to offer the potential employee the chance to expand their skill sets, an increasingly important differentiator for many employees looking to have a “portfolio career” consisting of many different experiences.

5. Perform

Performance management should be a keystone of good people management. Performance, responsibilities, learning and development, and business objectives are discussed in a safe and supportive environment . It includes establishing objectives, improving performance and reinforcing employee accountability. During this section, we also need to know whether the employee feel they are getting enough feedback, or whether the employee feel supported and encouraged by those around them.

6. Exit

Even with your best efforts, you can assume that most employees will leave your organization at some point. Especially given that average tenure at organizations is on the decline, it’s more important than ever to stay engaged with employees – even when they’re on their way out. An exit survey allows you to do that by understanding the reasons behind an employee’s decision so you can make necessary adjustments to reduce turnover in the future and also show that their feedback is valued.


We have solutions to help you receive direct feedback from your target audience and make impactful decisions. With pre-populated and conversational templates, anyone can get started quick.

Candidate Experience

Understand how a jobseeker feels about your company based on all the interactions they had when applying for the job.


Employees’ feedback on total onboarding process (experience and expectation). This is important because initial experience may filter later experiences in the company.

Employee training needs

Understand employees‘ preference for company's training and their expectations for the training content.

Post training Evaluation

Immediately feedback after the completion of training to gauge effectiveness, areas of improvements, etc.

Employee engagement

Understand employees‘ self satisfaction, commitment and mindset. The focus is employee's attitudes.

Employee satisfaction

Understand employees‘ satisfaction towards the job & work environment. The focus is how the employee feel towards specific job occasions.

Appraisal 360 feedback

Collection & evaluation from superiors, subordinates, and peers on all aspects of the employee’s performance. This is very helpful as a comprehensive understanding insight for appraisal process.

Employee Exit

Purpose is to understand why employee decide to leave your company. It is also an opportunity to learn for retention improve.

EX helps you in 4 steps


It is not enough just to listen or just to do once a year employee satisfaction survey. We facilitate you to ask, understand, clarify, & explore with employees at all moments of truth to improve their experiences & satisfaction.


We empower everyone to uncover insights like professionals with automation of data processing, easy cross analysis & statistic modeling.


Every employee is different. It is impossible for HR staff or business leader to understand all employees. A system to proactively alert, engage, & automate actions base on X-data + O-data combined insight is critical.


With more interactions & relevant actions with employees, you gain their trust, you are in control to care for them. These essential engagements will result in more committed, happy, & effective employees.

Choiceform EX unique advantages

Significantly improve quality of employee understanding & build positive relationship between business & employee.

A versatile tool to communicate with employees, hear their concerns, perceptions & feelings. The responsiveness itself send a clear caring message consistently.

Truely understand employee hoslistically (not bits & pieces).

From recruitment, to onboarding, to day-to-day work lives, and even to exit day. We can learn a real employee entire journey and identify specific areas to improve.

Efficient 360 degree appraisal process.

AI smart engagement features, automation, and prompt reminder makes 360 degree appraisal process simple, quick, and effective.

We do more than just employee experience insight. We use insight to turn into action.

The platform has automation function. It customized specific action e.g. experience management, relevant communication base on specific insight from individual employee.

Low cost model for practical employee experience management.

so you can hear from all employees, not just small sample; more frequency feedbacks from fontliners like sales to drive effectiveness; and better staff commitment because we understand their true experiences & feelings.

Candidate experience

The first impress insight of candidates provides important gauge on how our process is helping talent attraction or detracting it. Getting it right will increase recruitment effectiveness.

Onboarding experience

Onboarding is a critical moment of truth that will form an impression that will “filter” subsequent experiences. The objective is to get new employee faster into the role and start right in his/her engagement with company.

Employee engagement

This will be a continuous “employee health status” measurement that any company need to focus on. This will give early warning signs of any risk of attrition. Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. This covers measurements beyond just happiness or satisfaction.

Appraisal 360 feedback

Develop your employees and inform your talent management processes with automated and personalized multi-rater feedback. This is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee's manager, peers, and direct reports.

Exit Feedback diagnostic

This is another unfortunate moment of truth. At this moment, you will likely get un-bias evaluation of the truth more than when the employee is still employed. Understanding the why will help refine our engagement program and retain talents.

Specific initiative deep dive

A part of the total employee journey, at specific moment of need, HR will like to implement specific initiatives e.g. training assessment, benefit optimization, technology experience, etc. Our platform has the flexibility to adapt and design a study to engage with employees to co-create.

What is Employee Experience ?

Employee experience is a worker's perceptions about his or her journey through all the touchpoints at a particular company, starting with job candidacy through to the exit from the company.

Developing a great employee experience can lead to staff feeling happier, more productive, and motivated. This increased productivity can have an amazing impact on your business and correlates directly with positive customers experience. A team who are motivated are likely to engage more with their work, and provide better results.

Its importance & growing trends are driven by:

  • Growing self-awareness. Employee wants personalized attention.
  • Young generation no longer focus solely on money reward. They want opportunities to explore & to have their say; hence experience matters a lot.
  • Organizations have changed e.g. digitalization, disruption. Employee are feeling the pressure and uncertainties like never before.
  • Social media penetration and growing influence is increasing risky for companies if employee’s negative sentiment is shared.

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