Choiceform Leadership Principles

Our Leadership Principles are the driving force behind everything we do at Choiceform.

It requires leadership, action, and a willingness to let this customer-centric philosophy guide your decision-making every single day.

Put the customer at the center of everything you do

We make decisions to solve our customers’ problems. Period. Not to get the company short-term wins. Not to respond to a competitor. No matter your role, put the customer at the center of your decisions instead of yourself or your team. Spend time every day getting to know the customer a little bit better than you did yesterday.

Create a culture of respect and trust

We all do our part to maintain a culture of inclusion, respect, and trust. When a problem happens, we go to the person who can fix it instead of complaining about it to someone who can’t. We celebrate each other’s wins with excitement and enthusiasm. We respect different opinions and embrace the fact that we’re not all the same. By doing that, we create unity.

Seek feedback, not consensus

We seek feedback to get to the best idea, not to create agreement or consensus. We believe consensus creates average ideas, average speed, and average results. We don’t vote on ideas or decisions. The best idea will never sound like the best idea to everyone, so we validate with the customer instead of committees. When a decision is made, we move forward.

Push for high standards

Our standards should make us uncomfortable. When comfort creeps in, we acknowledge our goals aren’t big enough and we raise the bar. We apply high standards to everything—whether it’s a new feature, a new hire, or event swag. No matter how big or small something seems, it contributes to the sum total of our brand. And we want to build a brand customers love. Despite always knowing that we can reach higher and do better, we take time to celebrate the wins that we have made along the way.

Be a curious learning machine

We bring a spirit of learning to everything we do. We seek wisdom so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel whenever possible. We approach learning as both students and teachers, eager to share our discoveries with each other and our customers. We can’t stay comfortable or get stuck in our ways. Learning keeps us in motion.